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    About the Owner | Catherine Trendz

    About the Owner

    Catherine Trendz

    About the Owner

    Imani Batts was born & raised in Pittsburgh, PA. At a young age, she always had a passion for clothing-especially vintage garments. Shopping secondhand helped Imani discover her own sense of style. Thrifting gave Imani peace of mind and a safe haven to express herself. 
         Imani studied at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her major was Fashion Merchandising with a focus on Small Business. While studying at IUP, she traveled abroad to Florence, Italy for an internship. All the domestic and international skill sets helped mold her into the businesswoman she is today. 
        The pandemic sparked creativity to start Catherine Trendz. Imani emphasizes shopping small and sustainable. Assisting to transform customers' closets with sustainable and reworked garments. Imani educates people on the pros and cons to shop consciously. "I want others to appreciate what is already in their closets and/or on this planet. I'm here to recreate garments into something you'll love. Prolonging the clothes cycle so it won't hit the landfill is the main objective. I'll achieve it one garment at a time. " -Imani Batts