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    "GRWM" Runway Experience | Catherine Trendz

    "GRWM" Runway Experience

    Catherine Trendz

    "GRWM" Runway Experience

    February 24th, 2024 was a night of unparalleled elegance and cultural celebration as Catherine Trendz presented the "GRWM Runway Experience," curated by the visionary Imani Batts. This extraordinary event, was set against the captivating backdrop of Velum Fermentation, promising an unforgettable exploration of black hair, black culture, and the rich tapestry of the black experience through the lenses of fashion and performance arts.

    The vibrant tapestry of black culture came to life through mesmerizing performances and a runway collection inspired by the beauty supply store. This event was a homage to the beauty, resilience, and diversity that define the black experience.

    The rhythmic beats of Sankofa Village African Drummers and dancers, experience the soul-stirring words of poet Haley Clancy, and witness the empowering showcase by Frogang nonprofit foundation, where young girls uplift their crowns in a display of strength and confidence.

    A sneak peek into a mini-documentary produced by Imani Batts and Eric Lewis from Manuscript LLC. This insightful exploration promises to unveil the narratives that inspire the "GRWM" Runway Collection.

    Representative La'Tasha Maynes discussed the "CROWN Act" and how important it is for our hair to not be weaponized against  the black community in Pittsburgh. 

    This night was an empowerment of black hair, black culture, and the black experience through fashion and performance arts. This event was important for our community to experience. More events soon to come.